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Making ₦10,000 – ₦50,000 on VTUking platform is 100% sure and guaranteed monthly if you join us today,
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Lucrative Data Bundle Reselling

Take for instance, Jennifer, a member of VTUKing, buys data from us at N330 per gigabyte. As a student, she decides to be retailing the data plans by selling to her colleagues at N550 or N600 per gig depending on the price she wishes to sell.
By so doing, she makes N220 or N270 per transaction. If she has as little as 10 transactions per day, that will make her N2200 or N2700 respectively on daily basis.
Now, N2200 * 30 days is equivalent to N66,000 monthly. OR N2700 * 30 which is N81,000 a month as profit without any stress.

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Entertainment = Money in the VTU Industry

Subscribe or renew customers Dstv, gotv, startimes and charge users ₦100 as Service charge. The same system banks users as well as stores that retail Cable TV subscription.

Offer to fix decoder and activation issues as bonues and attract more happy customers to your business. Free tutorials is available on our blog.

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Bulksms Advertisement business

Send bulksms for churches, schools, university department/faculty, elections and make almost double the profit.
VTUking provides the smartest, fastest and most reliable means of sending text messages in Nigeria and across Africa.


We pay you ₦1,000 per referral

You will increase your earnings quickly, easily and safely by using our simple, user-friendly interface with many options to refer friends.
You can refer as many people as possible, and you will earn N100 for every person that registers with your link…
And N900 whenever ANY of your referral Upgrades. Takes 30 seconds to sign up & start earning today..

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